Hello, I am very happy that you are in this challenge!

We are going on this transformation journey together, and to start we need you to fill out the form below, sending it is mandatory because it is based on it that we will set up your exclusive protocol, it is extremely important to complete this form completely.

Another important point you will need to send us your photos of the front, profile and back with date, if your device does not record the date you can write it on paper and place it next to your body.

Women should be in bikinis and men in shorts without a shirt.
It is important that the photo is sent to compete for the award.

  • Remember you need to send us 3 photos (1 in front, 1 in profile and 1 in the back) containing the current date. If your device does not set the date, write it down on a piece of paper and place it close to your body when taking pictures. The photos must be taken in a bikini in the case of women and in shorts if a man. *

Al send this form, accept the privacy terms.